Friday, March 27, 2009

Garden Balloons III and IV

These are smaller versions of my March 17 postings.  I think these make a cute couple and look great hung together... I have them hung for display in my studio gallery and they look brighter in real life.  If you live in the Edmonton area it is worth a trip to my studio to have a peek at them. (call and we can arrange a visit)

Gardens usually bring out the creativity in the gardener.  Some people design special spaces within their gardens... places to display unique objects and  sculpture that evoke a particular theme, country, or philosophy...  This concept is intriguing to me and one day I may try to create something along those lines.  When I view a garden my creative minds starts to see plant life in a whimsical way... which is how I came to view these poppy pods as balloons tied to the earth by their stems.  Everything can change in the world just by looking at it from a different point of view...   Poppy pods can can become balloons!

10x8 oil on canvas (ready to hang and float on your wall)

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