Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tangerine Too

More google,feedburner issues.  Yesterday's feed called Royal Flag was not delivered.  We will see if it doubles up with this one (if this one is sent out today).  Such is life in the techno world. ( I have noticed on the google, feedburner help forum that I am not the only one with this issue...)

Meanwhile back at the post...

I enjoyed painting the March 5  posting so much that I wanted to do another  gerbera in the little blue pottery vase... slightly different view and format.  I love oranges, rusts, orchres and all the other earthy tones that ooze a rich warm vitality... they are colours that tend make people feel secure and happy... something we can all benefit from at this time.

8x10 oil on canvas, (not dry enough to ship yet, but like the other painting called Tangerine, you can purchase it now and I will ship it in a few weeks when it is dry enough to leave the nest)

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