Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedgewood Blue

I have been having some problems with my postings being delivered to subscribers. Yesterday's post called Tangerine (of a gerbera daisy in a small vase) was not delivered. So please have a look below. I have a feeling that this post may not get delivered either so I am sending the image out to my original email list from when I set up my blog, in order to get it out to at least some of my subscribers. As the saying goes... I am working on the issue. Thanks for your patience.

Wedgewood blue is a Larger painting of a lovely little blue iris from a garden down the street from me. This garden is so beautiful... it feels like you have stepped into a quaint European garden, gated from view... a hidden treasure of colour, texture and fragrance. The person who owns the garden told me that I could pop by anytime to take some photos for painting. Now where is my camera... oh ya, it's -24c this morning... guess I have to wait for a few weeks (or more)!

16x20 inches, oil on canvas, ready to hang,

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