Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Open Wide and Lemon Pepper

When I sliced open this pepper it seemed to be yawning which made the seeds look like teeth... sort of like a Jack O Lantern.  I am taking a Raw Food nutrition class.  Very interesting information regarding eating more of our vegetables and fruits in their natural, raw state to preserve the digestive enzymes which are present in natural food to aid digestion.  More salads, dips and spreads made in the food processor rather than cooking everything, which depletes most of the nutrients.   Painting my veggies before eating them doesn't deplete any nutrients either.  That is a good thing, as Martha would say.
My husband and I use quite a bit of lemon in our cooking... it creates the taste of salt without actually using salt.  Try it next time you make some homemade pasta sauce.
Have a look on the back of a jar of regular store bought pasta sauce under the nutrition list and you will be shocked at how much sodium one serving contains.  (The same goes for canned soup and vegetables).  And we wonder why there are so many hypertension issues in North America...

I will not be posting now until the middle of next week,  so I have posted 2 pieces today.  But I will still have time to check my emails...  so let me know if you want either of these nutritious veggie paintings.

each, one is 10x8 and the other one is 8x10 (needs some drying time)

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