Monday, April 13, 2009


The garden club I belong to had an interesting guest speaker at our last meeting.  Suzanne spoke on Biodynamic gardening which uses the moon and phases of the planets to plant and harvest by.  The calendar she brought to our meeting lists all the phases of the moon (and more) along with the best days to plant according to whether you are planting leaf, root, flower, or fruit baring plants.  She told us that she has follows the basic planting cycle principle and that the results are amazing.  (Just think about the moon and tide cycles...)  I am going to try planting some seeds using the dates and times prescribed...  using the calendar I purchased from her. You can use the information to help with your transplanting too... since the greenhouses may not use this knowledge when they first planted their seeds.  We all like to have a great crop... whether flowers or radishes.  If you want to plant radish seeds (or other root veggies) a couple of dates and times to try are... Saturday April 18 from 4 am all the way to Sunday April 19 till about 3:30 pm., or Sunday April 26 from 8 am to Monday April 27 till 1:30 pm.  Happy Planting!

8x10, oil painting, (painted during a root cycle, without even knowing it!)

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