Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I stayed with some friends during my visit to Salt Spring Island and they had these gorgeous pink lilies on their dinning room table when I arrived. Near the end of my stay I recut the stems and arranged them in this glass vase, specifically trimming the stems short enough so that the flowers just peaked over the edge. My mind was already visualizing them in a painting... I did a small watercolour pencil sketch of them while I was there and took numerous photos of this bouquet for future reference. Once back in the studio my instincts told me to paint this one larger than the usual size I paint for my daily pieces. I set up a 16x20 canvas and started mixing my paint. As I squeezed the oil paint onto my glass palette I could feel myself begin to slip into that wonderful zone where time seems to stand still and you become one with the brush, paint and canvas... It is hard to describe the amount of joy that I experience while painting... but it seems to change my physiology on a very deep level... almost a walking meditation.
Viewing art (not just creating it) can evoke this experience for me, and from what I have heard from friends and collectors it can do the same thing for them... we may just describe it in different terms.

Let's celebrate our differences... after all it may just be semantics.

16x20, oil on canvas (just painted yesterday, will need some time to dry)

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