Thursday, June 18, 2009

Curtain Call, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

This is the last sunflower painting in my Parisian, Toulouse theme.  Toulouse Lautrec created numerous posters to advertise many of the night clubs and performers in the Montmartre district of Paris; in fact, he seems to have created the standard for poster quality in the late 1800's in France.  It was his poster of Jane Avril that helped to propel her to fame during her time as the cancan queen of the Moulin Rouge.

Curtain Call, is a view of the backside of two sunflowers with purple statice, again enhanced by the foot-lighting as they turn and acknowledge their appreciative audience...

8x10 oil on canvas (all my oil paintings are on stretched canvas, finished on the edges with wire or hook attached to the back for hanging, so there is no need to frame them, unless you want to)

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