Friday, June 12, 2009


Today is going to be warm, and the weather prediction for the weekend is hot.  Perhaps that is what got me thinking about gelato...
What attracted me to paint this poppy was the striped/variegated quality of the bloom, which was created from the way the light played off the crinkles and folds in each petal.  Maybe it was the warmth of the studio yesterday (I had to turn on the ceiling fan), but as I was brushing on the tones of orange and yellow paint, leaving thick bits here and there I had a vision of gelato. Delicious fruit flavoured Italian Ice Cream packed into long stainless steal tubs displayed in a glass front cooler on a hot summer day.  The special gelato scoop creates long troughs as it is   scrapped across the top of the frozen dessert... troughs of lemon, cantaloup and orange dug deep into the surface of the delicious fruity treat.

Three centuries ago Northern Italy developed a milk, cream and sugar based gelato and Southern Italy created a water-based fruit gelato... take you pick this weekend, they are both yummy!

8x10 oil on canvas (the fruity gelato troughs on this poppy are for visual consumption only ... enjoy) 

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