Monday, June 29, 2009

Van Gogh Double Blue, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Saturated blue petals with a splash of bright yellow supported on strong stocky stems make this variety of Iris popular with the floral industry. I have not seen this Dutch blue iris in any of Van Gogh's paintings. Perhaps it was not readily available in his time, or he could not afford to purchase many flowers and instead he utilized the blooms from the local gardens. The intense royal blue hue and streak of bright yellow captured my attention... I felt compelled to paint it.

It was satisfying to mix the various tints and shades of blue on my glass palette. Swirling a tiny dab of walnut oil into the blob of paint created a viscous consistency more appropriate for the texture of these silky petals. Radiant sapphire blue flowers appeared on my canvas, arms opened wide to catch the warmth of the sun, offering it back to the viewer...

12x24 inches, oil on canvas (needs some drying time)

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