Monday, July 6, 2009

Hoodoo I

On Canada Day we drove south from Edmonton to Drumheller Alberta, to the Badlands region, ( about 1.5 hours N.E. of Calgary) where the World famous Royal Tyrrell Museum is located and these unusual rock formations called HooDoos are part of the eerie landscape.

Looking like petrified mushrooms, (maybe that is why I wanted to drive down there to photograph and paint them...) hoodoos have a protective rock cap which shelters the shaft, deterring them from disintegrating at the same speed as the surrounding sandstone. They are formed by wind and water erosion of sedimentary rocks.
I took reference photos at different times of the day. The changing light quality created and or enhanced the various tones of the rock layers and surrounding landscape.

A number of paintings of the hoodoos and badlands will be showing up on my postings for the next few days, and will be the subject matter from time to time in the future. I want to create some landscape paintings of unusual and interesting subject matter and of course artistic license will have a part in how I represent the various features...
Stay tuned.
10x8 oil on canvas

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