Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sizzle, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Red hot flower spikes seem to sizzle against the orange toned background.

The colour of the blooms is appropriate when one reads about the origin and history of the flower... Gladiolus are native to South Africa with a few species native to Eurasia. The Latin word Gladius means sword and this flower was named for the shape of its leaves. This leaf shape is probably why it is said to have represented the Roman Gladiators, yet I find it difficult to picture the winner of a battle at the Coliseum being handed a bouquet of gladiolus... or perhaps they were placed in a vase in his cell below the arena that was his 'dressing room' adding a little beauty to the decor... Ya, that seems more 'real' to me...

Add some sizzle to your home.

20x16 oil on canvas (needs some time to dry)

Thought it might be fun to show you a photo of how my painting called 'Ivory White', (posted and sold in March) looks in the kitchen of the friend from Calgary who purchased it. We were went for the weekend and delivered it. This painting is 14x14 inches square.

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