Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blue Shimmer, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

I had an email from someone who lives in the Highlands (and subscribes to my blog), to come by and see the fabulous lilies blooming in her backyard. Never one to refuse a chance to photograph flowers, I took off my painting apron and headed over. Amongst the numerous gorgeous specimens she had growing was a red lily that was not open yet. I went back yesterday morning when the sun was out hoping to snap some shots of a few more beauties that were not blooming the other afternoon. The newly opened red lily, with a lime green throat, had the morning sun glistening off the rich jewel toned petals revealing more than red.
What looked like red actually showed up as tones of rich red, touches of orange, and streaks of rust accented with shimmers of blue where the light bounced off the petals. Colours within colours...
This one is a different size.

9x12 oil on canvas

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