Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hollyhock I, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Yesterday, in the morning, I was out for my usual walk and photo shoot in my neighbourhood. During my walk down a back alley I spotted some lovely flowers in a back garden and noticed the owner was in her backyard... camera in hand I asked if I could come in and snap a few reference photos of her flowers. She was kind enough to oblige my request and amongst the treasure I found were these hollyhocks growing along the side fence. Hollyhocks seem to be difficult to find this summer... so far this is one of three locations I have discovered in the Highlands. Mind you I have not viewed everyones back or front yards...

Artistic license allows me to enhance any part of a painting I wish to... this time I intensified the colour... (I have a photo of this colour from another house) but the flowers are from the lovely garden of the house I just mentioned. This home is one I have always admired here in the Highlands. Whenever my husband and I walk by this quaint home, I always comment how much I like it... and when I walk by it on my own, I comment and admire it with my inside voice.

10x8 oil on canvas 

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