Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mediterranean Heat, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

One more hot, orange red geranium painting. Typically geraniums like lots of sun... they thrive in the heat. (No wonder they do well around the Mediterranean.)
A couple of tips to keep them blooming well over the growing season (this may be information to file away for next year, since it is already September)... when watering, try to do it in the morning and keep the water off the blooms as much as possible, dead head as needed. If blooms start to touch each other... looking a bit crowded, it is then a good idea to thin out some of the flower heads; otherwise this crowding signals to the plant there is less growing room and they produce less bloom.
But of course this geranium series will bloom all year... no need to dead head, or water them!

10x8 oil on canvas 

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