Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plated Beets, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

These 'Plated Beets' were a gift from a neighbour down our back alley.  She wanted to show me how huge her root vegetables grew after I mentioned to her (this past last spring) which days and times were best to plant them according to the Biodynamic Gardening calendar.  If you remember from my April 13, 2009 posting, called 'Roots', I wrote about the theory of planting by the phases of the moon....

These two beets are sitting on a large dinner plate...  The bag also contained one potato about ten inches long with approximately a ten inch circumference.  She informed me that her root vegetables have never grown to that size (she has been gardening for years).   Her whole family was amazed at the yield from her small garden plot.  She planted her root vegetables according to the dates I gave her for root veggies from the calendar.  If you decide to utilize this Biodynamic gardening calendar make sure you make time adjustments for the time zone you live in compared to the zone the calendar was written for.
Now is the time to order your calendar for next year.

I made Borscht with these two beets... they were delicious.

9x12 oil on canvas

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Sue said...

Continuing to follow and love your work, Kim. I especially can see a couple of these in my dining room! One day.....
(btw, I'm so proud of you - amazing paintings and your comments are fun to read!)