Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rolling Lavender

Rolling lavender... these woody perennials are planted so that they grow into roundish mounds... soft spikes of blue and purple toned flowers reaching for the sun. Lavender sachets are wonderful tucked under your pillow at night to help calm the mind or placed in storage with your wool sweaters to dissuade moths. Many years ago nearly every cologne contained lavender oil, which may be why some people associate the scent with their grandmothers...
When we were in France (as I mentioned in yesterday's posting) we visited the Grasse region in Southern France, an area well known as the heart of the perfume industry. Luckily (?) my husband had a cold at the time and could not smell a thing (he dislikes strong fragrances), so we were able to visit the Fragonard Perfumerie and take the tour, plus visit the gift shop after the tour to purchase some products. It was a powerful experience for my nose. Actually 'The Nose' is what they call the person who sniffs all the scents in order to create the perfumes. This is a very important position in the perfume industry... one must be able to detect hundreds of unique scents in order to create numerous aromatic combinations that will appeal to the consumer.
That potential job was not listed on the 'career choice list' I looked at in high school...

8x10 oil on canvas * yesterday's posting and today's posting would make a lovely set.

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