Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pears with Stripes

Pears are voluptuous.  There is no getting around the fact that they have a lovely shape.  Of all the fruits, the pear is the one that most resembles the female figure (in my opinion, of course).  Each pear is unique... a subtle variation of the classic 'pear shape'.
This still life set-up with stripes, creates multiple images in my mind... My imagination goes from two pears placed on fabric reminiscent of a figure painting class where the models position themselves in a comfortable pose, knowing that this one will be held a long time for the class to render their forms and the folds of the fabric just right.... to a green grocer in a small European village with a striped awning over his fruit stand of fresh produce out on the side walk.  What does this painting remind you of?
Imaginations are wonderful...

8x10 oil on canvas (needs some drying time)

1 comment:

Jacqui Faye said...

i absolutely love your paintings, especially your striped backdrops. Great way with light and shadow as well.