Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Red Elegance, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

These two red peppers fit together like spoons.  Their soft curves accentuate the golden toned designs embossed in this swatch of burgundy fabric.  Peppers are not a vegetable (I think they are really in the fruit family...) I would normally associate with elegance; but when I placed them on this piece of cloth their forms flowed together with the jacquard pattern... oozing elegance... red elegance.

9x12 oil on canvas


Deltra Powney said...

oooh! I love this one. In fact there are many on your blog that I love! Nice work kim!

Gerald Schwartz said...

Kim, once again you knocked this out of the ballpark... Your palette of color is wonderful along with composition..

Daniel Peci said...

That's some serious pepper spooning:)

Gwen Bell said...

Eye popping Reds! Wonderful color and style! Love all of your pepper paintings.