Thursday, December 24, 2009


Green onions grow in bunches and are sold in bunches.  Onions were a staple food in ancient Egypt,  first appearing in tomb paintings around 3200 BCE, both the robust bulb onions as well as green onions.
The humble onion fell in and out of favour with the upper classes over the centuries.

Columbus brought many cultivars to Haiti during his second sailing to the New World, and although the Americas had native onions the taste did not compare to the intense flavour of the European varieties.  But the native onions provided sustenance for many missionaries and explorers around the Great Lakes region in North America.  Word has it that the City of Chicago was a region where an abundance of wild onions grew, and the city received its name form the Indian word that described the odor of onions.

I wonder if that is true?  Maybe that could be a topic for an Oprah Show...

12x12, oil on canvas. (needs some drying time)

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