Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Lion

Red Lion is the colour of amaryllis that I thought I purchased.  After painting the pink and white one the other day I was still in an 'amaryllis mood' and wanted more...  Then I remembered my stash of amaryllis photos from last year!  There he was, a rich orange red toned beauty, called Red Lion, (that is the actual name of this variety/colour of amaryllis flower.  Native to South and Central America, these bulbs, like many other beautiful plants have spread to other tropical regions in the world.  We, in the north can find them in many stores and garden centers at this time of the year... a box of winter joy... very easy to grow, no green thumb required.  Lots of colours to choose from.

The botanical name for them is hippeastrum, which means 'knight star' (yes, with a k).
Sunshine and Happiness on a stem...

10x8, oil on canvas

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Dar Presto said...

Terrific glowing color. I like the in-front-of-ness of the stamen and filaments.