Monday, January 11, 2010

Semi Precious

Semi Precious is from a photo shoot I did of a friend's jewelry collection.   Her collection consists of exquisitely crafted necklaces, bracelets and rings... she is definitely a patron of unique jewelry artists, (as wells other artists).    This lapis lazuli and bronze filligree necklace was placed on a silk striped cloth for a close up photo.  Orange and blue tones are complementary colours on the Munsell colour wheel, which is why this painting feels like it is vibrating with colourful energy.  I felt compelled to paint it larger than life, which gives it a bit on an abstract look.
The name Lapis Lazuli, can be traced back to an ancient arabic word for blue.  This stone was crushed to create an expensive, highly prized blue pigment.   Beginning in the 1800's ultramarine blue was derived from a manmade substance which made this vibrant colour more affordable and accessible for artists.

My vivid imagination conjures visions of this piece being an ancient byzantine treasure resting on a swath of exotic silk fabric...

Another series may be emerging.

9x12 oil on canvas.

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