Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Foiled Limes

Foiled Limes... part of an ongoing tin foil series.  The foil can be smooth, rippled, crinkled or creased, creating whatever special affect I desire.  It feels I am designing a scene on a sound stage for a movie... Once the objects are arranged to my satisfaction on the  reflective surface, the lighting is strategically positioned to shine on a section creating interesting patterns on the foil.  Next using my 'viewer' (which is cut in corresponding dimensions to my canvas size) I can move my eye around the scene until I locate a section or angle that creates a good composition.  The 'viewer' (or camera lens) is my window into a fantasy world... a world where lime wedges can become green boats floating on a calm or stormy silver sea with the morning mist trailing behind.

As I have said before, we are only limited by our imaginations...  what do you see?

8x10 oil on canvas.  (needs some drying time after being at sea...)

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