Monday, February 1, 2010

Silver Limes

Silver Limes is part of an on going painting series of objects (so far fruits, flowers and veggies) placed on tin foil, creating interesting abstract reflections and shadows on the shiny silver surface.  Kind of like our new art public art gallery here in Edmonton...
Today we are off to the opening of our new art gallery, the AGA (Art Gallery of Alberta), with our 'timed tickets in hand'.  Check out the link to the gallery here, and you will see the fabulous new building.  I love the fact that the design has been such a controversy in our city and province... it has people talking about Edmonton.  Now we have a facility that can host world class art exhibits, with the potential to attract hundreds of visitors to our northern city... which will be good for the economy besides being good for our arts and culture.
A win win situation for everyone.

10x10 oil on canvas (needs some drying time)


Christina said...

Great art pieces! If you want to find out more about architect Randall Stout, who designed the AGA, you should check out his story at

Mary said...

Beautiful colors and love the idea of the fruit on the foil!