Friday, February 5, 2010

Silver Peppers

I scattered those hot little peppers onto some tin foil for another photo shoot... silver peppers.  They   were starting to dry out and get a bit wrinkled, but that did not affect their beauty.  In fact, the wrinkles  enhanced their little figures... cute little ripples and dimples catching more light on each miniature hill and creating tiny valleys where the shadow deepened the red tones.
Before long I could feel my eyes start to water, not from their beauty... but from the hot pepper oils rising.  After a couple more photographs I picked up the tin foil with the peppers and scrunched it into a ball and tossed it into the trash.  Too hot to handle...

A hot little painting for your wall...

12x12 oil on canvas (needs some drying time for the thicker, textured paint areas)

1 comment:

Nancy Teague said...

Great peppers Kim! They have a wonderful flow to them and the 'silver' background enhances them.