Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pepper Sill

Our kitchen window sill looked like the perfect spot to place this pepper half for a photo shoot.  Once painted, this piece made me think about window sills in general and wonder if there is any significant history to 'window sills'.  I soon found reference to a book published in the UK, called 'A Lust for Window Sills', a lover's guide to British Buildings from Portcullis to Pebble Dash.... of course I ordered it (couldn't find it locally, nor could I order it locally).  Once it arrives I will tell you all about the fascinating history of the window sill... plus utilize any other interesting or quirky facts about building 'bits and parts' as I broaden my painting horizons.

$150.00, 10x10 oil on canvas,


LindaHunt said...

Very interesting composition. I love the interior of red peppers.The abstract nature of this one is very appealing! Love the way it leans against the sill.

Sue Stuparek said...

It's got ... PERSONALITY! A different view for you - I quite like it!

Gwen Bell said...

Love this pepper with all its swirly bright insides. I like the anchor of the window sill.