Friday, May 14, 2010

Strelitzia I & II

Strelitzia I

Strelitzia II

Strelitzia I & II 
Strelitzia Reginae, or  bird-of-paradise is native to South Africa where it grows wild in the eastern Cape. The flowers emerge from the green spathe, and consist of 3 brilliant orange sepals and 3 bright blue petals.  When the birds sit to have a drink of nectar, the (blue) petals open to cover their feet in pollen.  During my career as a floral designer I could hardly wait to open the box of 'exotics' that arrived weekly from Hawaii.  The box was packed tightly with anthurium, protea, heleconia and 'birds' (as we liked to call them), plus exotic foliages.  A visual feast...
Sterlitzia I & II can be hung as a diptych or purchased separately.
 for each 10x10 oil painting (they each need a bit of drying time)

Both are SOLD

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Gwen Bell said...

Beautiful and so dynamic as a pair!