Wednesday, June 30, 2010

O Canada

July 1 is Canada Day...  in years past it was known as Dominion Day, because it marks a significant landmark of the history of Canadian independence and  celebrates the anniversary of the confederation. In  1965 Queen Elizabeth II (the Queen of Canada) proclaimed The Maple Leaf Flag as the official flag of Canada, instead of the Union Jack (the British Flag).  There was much debate over changing the flag to be more representational of Canada... but it finally happened.  Supposedly the colours of red and white were suggested for Canada because they had been the colours of both France and England, and utilizing both colours, connected Quebec (and the French connection) with the rest of English speaking Canada, an attempt to appease both groups of Canadians and create a unified whole.

Happy Canada Day on July 1, may we stay united!

12x6 oil on canvas.


Kim said...

Kim! This is AWESOME. You've done a spectacular job on the flag! The lighting on the white is handled beautifully. This may be my favourite painting of our flag : ) Happy Canada Day to you!

Dana Cooper said...

This is really beautiful Kim...happy Canada day to you!

Deltra Powney said...

Love this one. Always enjoy your work! Thanks for the visit the other day. Chat soon. Happy Canada Day!

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Carol Schiff Studio said...

Nice one Kim. The format is very special. I also love the American flag you have on Daily Painter Originals.