Monday, July 12, 2010

Fringed Poppy I

On one of my car rides looking for floral reference photos I came to a fast stop in front of a lovely yard in the Riverdale Community.  My 'poppy radar' was out in full force when I spied some exotic oriental blooms.  As I was clicking away with my digital camera the owner came out of her house and mentioned that I might like to return the next week to photograph another stand of spectacular poppies getting ready to open in the opposite bed... she pointed to the deep green buds behind me.  Not one to miss a poppy opportunity I made a note in my day-timer...

As I drove up to their front garden the next week I was amazed.  There, standing tall and proud, was a group of fluffy, fringed oriental blooms.  It was a thrill for me to see these amazing flowers.  D and T's peachy pink, frilly and fabulous poppies were the highlight of my day!  Painting this poppy recreated the joy I felt while photographing them... simple pleasures make life special.

12x12 oil on canvas, (needs some drying time)

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Dana Cooper said...

Wonderful poppy, really captured the ruffle!