Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red Barn

I grew up in the country in Ontario, and have a connection to rural life, even though I now live in a city in Alberta.  One of the reasons I chose to move to Edmonton was because it was a big city with a small town atmosphere... and it still feels that way to me.   I packed up a U-haul and Gran Torino and drove across Canada (by myself) 26 years ago to try a new adventure... and I am still here!

This painting is a semi-abstract, painted with acrylic paint using a credit card as my tool.  Painting on masonite board is different from painting on canvas... I like the way it feels so sturdy and smooth when applying paint to its surface.

Tomorrow I will be posting another semi-abstract of rural life, something else red.

12x12 acrylic on masonite.


Dusty Pines said...

i really like this - it's such a strong composition - and great use of colors - and a credit card?! inspired!

i go back & forth on whether i prefer board or canvas - seems like th one i'm doing is the one i like best!

Karen Bruson said...

Nice, thick application of paint.

Kim Blair said...

I like the acrylics because they dry so fast and that way I can be 'generous with the amount of paint I use to create texture.

Tracey Mardon said...

I love the lovely tension with the red and green. Enough to make me pull out the acrylics.