Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sun Reflections I

Sunflowers are everywhere!  From back gardens to front gardens, and everywhere in between you'll find them growing.  I purchased a bundle of 3 at the farmers market last weekend to brighten up my studio and for shooting some reference photos.
This larger painting is thick with impasto oil paint so click on the image  to view a close-up in order to see all the texture created with... (you guessed it), my credit card!  This sunflower has a tin-foil backdrop with a spot light shining on it to enhance the vivid yellows, and of course to create the fun bits of yellow reflections in the foil.
Sunflowers are the epitome of happiness!  They bring a smile to my face every time I see even one big, bold, bloom.   I swear the dog I saw in the back alley the other day was smiling when he saw a beautiful tall stand of them next to a fence... he seemed to be focusing on the vertical grouping, next to another vertical surface... hmmmmm, I won't say what he did with his leg, but he still seemed to be smiling as he left the scene...
It's a dog's life!

24 x18 oil on gallery profile canvas


Susan E. Roden said...

I love how your art is so cropped Kim - so very graphic.
Your painting does make me smile too.

Dusty Pines said...

heee...dogs! this is a fun one - the colors work so happily together - lots of energy - and i really like the composition - not the usual. thank you! (i'm having trouble picturing using a credit card - saw someone else mention one, too - do you use it like a palette knife?)

Pam Holnback said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the composition!

Stephen Parker said...

This is wonderful, Kim. Love the movement of it and abstract quality of the background. The rendering of the sunflower itself is so reminiscent of Van Gogh. Really beautiful.

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Yes, the close up was vividly bright, with thick luscious strokes. Love those dabs of red and yellow in the foil.