Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inner Beauty V: Inside Out, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

For some reason this variety of petunia reminds me of a circus clown.  Perhaps it resembles the ruffled colourful collars that a few clowns like to wear, but whatever the reason, the image is stuck in my brain.   I happened upon this cute bloom during one of my neighbourhood photo shoots.  There is was, perched on the edge of a planter smiling away at everyone walking by.  When the breeze blew it made this fun little bloom dance and twirl, almost turning inside out... putting on quite the show.  It wasn't afraid to show the world its fun side... and if you looked closely you could catch a glimpse of its inner beauty.

10x10 oil on canvas


Anonymous said...

Always love visiting your blog and seeing your flowers...never can get enough of them. Well done Kim.

Angela said...

Beautiful painting. Love the colors.