Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rose Hip Study, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

This little pen and ink study of rose hips, has a loose watercolour wash which was applied after the ink dried.  Sometimes I like to splash a few colours onto some watercolour paper, let them flow into each other, allowing them to create their special magic, and then draw over the dried pigment with pen and ink.

I have a cute little tin case (pencil box) filled with watercolour pencils, an indelible ink marker, a small round brush, plus a pencil sharpener.  This treasure box is the first thing into my luggage when we go on vacation... or if I want to go out into the world for a day of exploration and drawing.  Sometimes, I 'pretend' to be out exploring (sort of like having a picnic indoors when the weather is bad) and set up a cosy spot in my studio and play.  Often these play dates lead to larger oil paintings and sometimes they are cute just on their own.


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Here are some of the gift ideas they are can be used for:
Holiday Hostess Gift, Office exchange, Secret Santa, Stocking Stuffer, Thank You, Employee appreciation,  and so far the most unique idea is to use them individually as .... (drum roll please) 'Place Markers' for a dinner party! (I think the rectangle ones would work best for that)


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Beautiful - a simple subject matter made elegant!

Mary Anne Cary said...

This is something different from you. It caught my eye!
I should have a treasure box to do exactly what you suggested. Especially for trips. I always say I need to get a sketch pad and drawing utensils for a trip too, and I never get to it. You are right, spontaneous and loose, and fun, can lead to lots of things!!

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful washes in the shadows.