Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pop Art Cutlery, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

'Pop Art Cutlery'  

'Comic Book Cutlery'

One more day of playing with my Photo Booth Options, this time using a previous painting called 'Silver on Silver, One of Each', if you missed seeing the original painting (where the cutlery was placed on tin-foil, have a look by clicking here)

*Plus I wanted to share some fun news:

A selection of my artwork is included on Claudette Pelletier-Hannah's website, she is a Weight and Wellness Coach, along with being a Life Coach.  If you click on each 'Tab' across the top of her Home Page, you will see each page has a different painting in the top left corner!  (I am thrilled that she is using my artwork on her website).

She told me that she enjoys working with individuals as well as groups and offers a complimentary session by calling her at 780-481-0313, or by email (you will find her email address at the
 bottom of her home page).

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