Sunday, January 2, 2011

Silver on Silver, One of Each, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Cutlery, also known as silverware or flatware was not a regular part of a table setting until the end of the medieval times.  It was around this time that the lower classes began to entertain by hosting dinner parties.  Previous to this, food was considered to be only a means to an existence.  Once it became a reason to socialize, the silversmiths began to create a multitude of utensils decorated with various designs and motifs. The word cutlery can be traced back to its Latin origin 'cultellus' meaning knife.  Cutlers was the name given to the men who forged iron knives, so you can see the how the word cutlery came into use, especially since a knife was the most important utensil for thousands of years.

Here we have 'One of Each'... on tin foil.


8x10 oil on canvas


Karen Martin Sampson said...

I have looked at your series of "cutlery" paintings with interest and they are wonderful! Thanks for such charming images.

Ray said...


The reflection that you portray is unbelievable. Good on you!

Kathy Cousart said...

I continue to enjoy this series- really good. I like this last one, the shadow on the spoon is great. Love seeing the 3 together. It is like a family reunion!

Kim Blair said...

Thanks Everyone, for your comments.

The tin foil background can create some wobbly, interesting reflections just by the way it is bent or kinked... like the spoon handle reflection.

Carol Nelson said...

You're becoming an expert at painting silver on silver. I like painting reflective surfaces too. Great job, Kim.

Ruth Andre said...

I am truly enjoying your Silver Series. Nice work.