Monday, March 7, 2011

Floral Painting of a Japanese Iris, Blue Wings, by Canadian Painter Kim Blair

Blue Wings
6x12 oil on canvas

Japanese Iris have an interesting shape, and this particular format and perspective showcases this variety's beautiful 'falls', which I think look like blue wings...

Living in a colder part of Canada, I think I really appreciate going to the greenhouse and walking around their 'show gardens' more than if I lived in a warmer climate.  Gardening season has a very short life span in Edmonton and gardeners here tend to savour every day that we can enjoy our outdoor floral displays.  One garden center  I enjoy has a lovely outside 'show' garden, and whenever I am there my camera accompanies me.  Snapping a few reference photos, sitting on one of their benches to contemplate the view, plus stopping to smell the flowers along the way, really makes my day.

Simple pleasures...

$150.00, (+ 15.00 S&H)
6x12 oil on canvas

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