Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Floral Painting of a Sunflowers, Sun Signs, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Sun Signs
8x24 on gallery profile canvas

Close-up of impasto 
*(click to enlarge)

I will need to take another photo of this painting... this one has some glare from the (dare I say) 'brighter' day.  No, I didn't say sunny day, but the overcast day 'seemed' brighter... anyway, I will take a better shot of this sunflower painting in the morning.

The aqua blue/green background makes them pop off the canvas, giving this painting an almost 3D affect. Click on the photo for a close-up of the impasto sections... rich creamy oil paint passages.   The paint was the texture of butter icing, and I almost wanted to lick the brush, but that would be very hazardous to my health, and too much like Van Gogh...

Here is my attempt at a Haiku Poem for this painting:

Yellow rippled frosting
dark chocolate centers
bird candy

8x24 oil on gallery profile canvas


Karen Bruson said...

Very nice. Great format.

Ruth Andre said...

Perfect painting for spring. Love the bright and wild colors of the sunflowers.

Dar Presto said...


mary maxam said...

don't you love painting sunflowers? some of my favorites, and these are done beautifully.


Strokes of butter - lush! And love your Haiku Kim.

Barbara Pearn said...

your sunflowers are really great.