Monday, April 11, 2011

Amaryllis Still Life, Amaryllis Abstracted, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Amaryllis Abstracted
23x18 watercolor on Yupo paper

One of my favorite subjects to paint is a red toned amaryllis, so why not try abstracting it for a change of pace?  Yupo has an interesting semigloss finish to it and it is fun to pour, swirl and maneuver the paint on this surface.  I created this piece a few years ago and have not gotten around to framing it, maybe this year, will be the year... 
I enrolled in some more wonderful art courses at the university this semester... they are so stimulating and rewarding.  Sometimes it is difficult to settling down and get to sleep after an evening course because  my brain is racing with ideas, but it is too late in the evening to pick up a brush, at least for me it is...

(Yupo paper is a smooth bright white paper that is waterproof like plastic.  It is a polymer based product that resists tearing and wrinkling, yet is light weight.)

23x18, watercolor on Yupo

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Holly Ducarte said...

This is beautiful. On my favorites list.