Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still life of Citrus Fruit, Foiled Tangelo II, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Foiled Tangelo II
10x10 oil on canvas

Tin foil is a mainstay in my studio. I love the reflections created by objects placed upon it.  These Tangelo sections were a pleasure to paint, (and not only because orange is one of my favorite colors)... it was the way the icy blue tones shimmered next to the citrus sections.  Warm and cold all at once,  sort of like the sensations you experience when you eat a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day.  Now that's living!

Yesterday I visited my friend (and collector) who purchased this piece.  She has it hanging in her kitchen and I wanted to share it with you... one more time. 

10x10 oil on canvas 


Sharon said...

This is very interesting Kim! I love the cool with the warm.

Julie Hill said...

These tangelo slices actually made my mouth water. Kim so very well done!! no wonder it SOLD!


Achieved the sheen and gloss of foil so well Kim!
One of my favorites.

Angela said...

Outstanding color