Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canadian Flag Painting, Red and White with Blue, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Red on White with Blue
16x16 oil on canvas

Since July 1 is 'Canada Day', I felt it called for a little patriotism and a painting of our flag.  I have an ongoing series of smaller flags (12x6) of various countries but wanted to paint a larger square format showing our Canadian Flag from a different perspective.  It was fun to paint it flapping in the breeze with strong light and shadow areas, creating a dramatic feel.  Sometimes, I think we Canadians need to show our patriotism by flying our beautiful flag a bit more often in our homes or offices...

And there is no better day to start than July 1.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

$320.00, 16x16 oil on gallery profile canvas (with the edges painted black)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim...I know i have said this before to ya..but worth saying again...just love your flags. awesome!

Steve Washburn said...

Happy Canada Day to you also!

Linda Popple said...