Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Floral Painting of Iris, Vincent Blue, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Vincent Blue
16x20 oil on canvas

I was having lunch with Vincent Van Gogh today.   His spirit filled my kitchen via a book by Gerhard Gruitrooy, called 'Van Gogh an appreciation of his art'.  His incredible work jumped off the pages... the close up detail of the paint application and brush strokes took my breath away... they were so full of energy that I felt my heart beat a little faster while viewing them.  After dining with such an energetic companion I came up stairs to my studio, picked up my brush and let it dance across my canvas.
This 'high key' (lighter tone) painting of blue Iris has an impressionistic feel.   I heard Vincent prompting me to be immediate and sure of each stroke as I applied the paint, telling me to enjoy the process and have fun.  
I listened.

*(Click on the image to have a close-up view)

16x20 oil on canvas


Lee said...

This is beautiful! Love the flow and colors. I'd say Vincent did a good job of being inspiring.

Dar Presto said...

Vincent would love it. I know I do.