Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pen and Ink Sketch, Apple Tree, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Apple Tree
12x9, pen and ink on acid free paper

We have this rather tall skinny apple tree in our backyard.  Right from the beginning, when it was really healthy, this skinny tree did not produce more than about 20 apples a season, and most seasons the count has been about 6 or less.   It was saved after a 'fireblight' issue from a nearby crabapple tree, plus pruned a couple of times, but as you can see it is not really shaped like a true apple tree.

Granted, I chose to sketch a bit longer trunk than it really has, and I have left out the complete top growth of leaves... (I was going for the whimsical look), but in reality this tree is a bit of a misfit.  Supposedly a Harcourt Apple tree, suited for small spaces, it never really enjoyed its location in our shady back yard.

After withstanding frost cracks, fireblight, low light levels and amateur pruning, it is amazing that it is still living!  So I tried to draw it's character.  The real story can be read via the interesting imperfections ... scars, cracks and wounds.

*(Click on the photo to see a close up)

12x9 pen and ink on acid free paper

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