Friday, July 29, 2011

Stargazer Lily: Golden Star, By Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Golden Star
20x16 oil on canvas

This painting needs to be seen again.  I posted it a little while ago, but whenever I walk past my gallery room in my home-studio it keeps calling out to me... asking for attention.  It looks so beautiful displayed on the easel... all pink and curvy... like a gorgeous satin dress swirled about a model's sleek shoulders, offering the illusion that a strap might fall at any moment and reveal a bit more.

For some reason it makes me think of the John Singer Sargent's painting called 'Madame X'.  Not that I think my painting style is like Mr. Sargent, rather, the curves of this pink lily brought to mind the curves of the woman in the black dress.

$360.00, 20x16 oil on canvas




And so regal Kim! Wonderful piece.

Viviane said...

Wonderful flowers ! Colors are bright

Gwen Bell said...

Your Stargazers are always my favorites and this one does not disappoint! Beautiful reds and great crop!