Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oil Painting of Sunflower, Highland Sun, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Highland Sun

We have a large, well used community garden beside our community hall here in the Highlands, within the city of  Edmonton.  The local residents are offered the opportunity to rent a small plot of land on which too grow some veggies or flowers.  For a nominal fee you can grow some extra potatoes, cultivate a 'cutting' flower bed or just experiment with some new veggies, while sharing some gardening and community spirit with other like minded people in the Highlands.  Although I have not taken advantage of this opportunity I do make a point of wandering over there now and then to drool over the tomatoes... and snap a few photos.

There are some spectacular sunflowers growing along one of the fences, and it turned out that the young woman who was watering her veggies was the green thumb who planted these healthy giants.   I snapped a few quick pics of this sunny yellow beauty with the curly petals and luscious green leaves... but forgot to ask the gardener's name so that I could give her credit in my blog.

Thanks to 'Ms. Green Thumb' for planting the tall, healthy sunflowers along the fence by the driveway.  I am sure I am not the only one who walked by to admire them... although I might be the only one who painted one of them.

*(click on the image to see the thick, rich passages of oil paint)


16x20 oil on canvas