Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oil Painting of Green Onions, Red Elastics, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Red Elastics
12x12 on gallery profile canvas

While I was making dinner the other night I came across a large bag of green onions in one of the crispers, and it reminded me that I had not posted this painting.   The red elastics are what attracted me to these particular onions.  The majority of stores I shop in use blue elastics to secure their onions, which made the red seem very 'exotic'... so I slipped a few (okay... three) bunches into my basket.

Placing them on a red/orange cloth accentuated the green stems and crisp white flesh, while thick passages of oil paint suggest the texture of the roots.  Painted larger than life they will make a fun addition to any kitchen!

*$240.00, 12x12 oil on gallery profile canvas (plus S/H anywhere in North  America)

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