Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oil Painting of a Poppy, Fringed Beauty, by Canadian Artist Kim Blair

Fringed Beauty
10x10 oil on canvas

I was getting ready my art exhibit at the University Hospital that will be happening this coming December 1, 2011 to January 31, 2012 and had a difficult time selecting the work for the show.  Luckily a friend came over and gave me a hand... it is always good to bounce ideas off someone else and have them assist you in the selection process.
Of course there were many paintings that I wanted to set aside for the show, but once you decide on a 'color' theme it is impossible to include certain pieces... no matter how much you like them. So I thought it was time to give this little peach poppy another showing on my blog.  Yes, there are many other paintings that did not work with the theme of the coming show, but such is life.

The selection process reminded me of choosing a dress to wear to a party.  You know you can't wear every dress you like in your closet, even though you wish you could... but, there will be other parties!

10x10 oil on canvas


Giselle McMenamin said...

Great piece Kim. Love the zoom in. Details of texture, colors, line are right on.

Anonymous said...

Ah Kim...been missing your postings...and what a treat to come back to this one! lovely!

Pam Holnback said...

I love seeing this again and hearing from you!

r garriott said...

Light as a feather and oh so lovely. You've really captured the essence of poppy.