Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pen and Ink Drawing of an Amaryllis, Amaryllis Allegory, Kim Blair

Amaryllis Allegory
6x9 pen & ink 

When I plant an amaryllis bulb in mid November what I am really doing is planning beauty, hope and magic in a pot of peat moss.   Then I water it every week and watch it intently, waiting for the first sign of a green sprout... a harbinger of sorts.  Once the sprout appears it is as if time quickens... each day the plant grows by an inch or more.
Then one day, you wake up to a bit of color peeking out from the green bud as it begins to mature, and in a few days you will behold the most magnificent bloom balanced on a long tubular stalk.  Like a majestic royal red scepter stuck in a little pot sitting proudly on our coffee table, our amaryllis holds court at all our December gatherings.
Silky red petals folded back into a trumpet shape with fluffy golden pillows of pollen on fleshy stamens popping out from the flower centre... pure magic!  An amaryllis brings life to a cold wintery day... and night.
*(click on the image to see a close up of the mark making use to create this image, or should I say allegory)

$50.00 (+ $10.00 S/H anywhere in North America)

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