Thursday, February 9, 2012

Made in Canada, Two Oil Paintings, by Kim Blair

Original art makes a lovely gift... especially when it is 'made in Canada!'
(I am happy to say that both are sold and going to a good home)

Art is often one of the first subjects to but dropped from a school's curriculum when the budget needs trimming, and I am concerned that this shortsighted practice may dull the creative potential and problem solving skills of future generations.  Isn't education about expanding the use of our whole brain... both the left and the right side?
Otherwise we could become 'lopsided' thinkers, which may lead to 'lopsided' decisions...

*I wrote an art manifesto, the link is posted at the top of my blog... it's easy to find since it is labelled 'My Art Manifesto.'


Kim Rempel said...

Gorgeous Kim. Such beautiful, flowing movement. You really captured these!

Kim Blair said...

Thanks Kim.
Always nice to have feed back from a fellow artist.
Hope everyone checks out your new 'Allsorts' paintings, they are sooooo cute!