Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pen and Ink drawing, Van Gogh Grey, by Kim Blair

Van Gogh Grey
6x9 pen and ink

Creating pen and ink studies helps to keep my drawing muscles limber while freeing up my thought process.  The process of working with ink is immediate and permanent, which seems the opposite of freeing... but, in a strange way it is liberating to create a variety of marks that magically morph into an image you are trying to interpret.  Just think about the freedom of doodling...
Van Gogh Grey was created using an image I photographed of dried sunflowers... yet this image of sunflower heads that Vincent painted kept popping into my head... what can I say... the man inspires me!

$50.00 (+10.00 S/H anywhere in North America)

6x9 pen and ink on watercolour paper

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Kimberly Roker said...

Your work is both beautiful and inspiring!!