Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sun-dried Series, Late Harvest, by Kim Blair

Sun-dried Series, Late Harvest, 10x30 oil on canvas

I was inspired by these dried sunflowers to explore a more muted palette.

They first made me aware of their beauty one cold afternoon last fall.   Walking briskly past the fence that divided them from the back alley I noted their silver and bronze bodies swaying in the cool autumn breeze, so I stopped to admire the subtle hues that blended so perfectly with the blueish gray fence next to them.
Since I was not far from home I sprinted back to my studio to grab my camera... and snapped a number of photos before the rain started.

A few days later I walked the same alley watching for the tall crisp giants and was sadden to discover them lying next to the garbage can... roughly bundled up, waiting to be taken away.
I carefully picked up as many as I could carry and carted them off to our backyard for more photos.

Sun-dried sunflowers with twisted brittle sage green leaves and gnarled gothic looking seed heads... waiting to be painted.  Waiting to be taken home...

$400.00 (+ 25.00 S/H anywhere in North America)
10x30 inches on gallery profile canvas (edges painted black, ready to hang)

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Gwen Bell said...

Love the soft colors in this and the great use of the format. Harkens a Van Gogh feeling. Wonderful!