Saturday, May 5, 2012

Antique Clothing... Almost Abstracts, by Kim Blair

 Mauve Ruffles
10x10 oil on canvas
 Reference Photo for Mauve Ruffles Painting
 Antique Leg-of-Mutton Sleeve
8x10 oil on canvas
Reference Photo for Antique Leg-of-Mutton Sleeve Painting 

Antique clothing came up in a conversation with some friends the other day and I remembered these two paintings I created last year:  a mauve ruffle (Perkins' Mauve) on a brown toned dress and a leg-of-mutton sleeve from a linen blouse.  You can see how I used some artistic license to enhance the colours, but essentially they are pretty close to the photos I took at the University of Alberta's Human Ecology Building in their textile/clothing collection.

It was fun hunting for the reference photos amongst the thousands of photos on my computer... but once I found them I discovered some other photos that would make for interesting studies... such as a 17th century French corset!  A corset section might make a unique pen and ink drawing with a blush of watercolour for a romantic touch... just a little something to hang in the boudoir?

If you want to see the original postings for these two paintings click here... and here.

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